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“In memory of Louis Leo 1897 – 1942 Lost at sea WW II”

Lost at Sea

This past week we finished the cleaning of a stone in Dayville Ct. While brushing the dirt and debris from the names on the stone, we felt a sense of honor in what we were doing, making the names and dates clearly readable again, because they are people who were here on this earth for a time, and were loved. When we were done, the client was very pleased and sent us photos of one of the people whose name is on the stone. The photo is from the early 1940’s of man in uniform on a merchant ship, he stands there on deck, full of life and proud. Also sent were letters that he had written to his family while at sea. Looking at those letters in his hand writing, along with the pictures, brought so much more meaning to the words inscribed and now visible for all to see, “In memory of Louis Leo 1897 – 1942 Lost at sea WW II”

Will C.

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